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Real Reviews

We’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of so many people’s successes. Read the reviews from just a few of them.

I came to TAT Solutions in distress due to wanting to consolidate my debts and defaults so that I could be pre approved for a home loan. I thought this was the end of my dream of owning my first home in Australia coupled with the rising housing market which added more stress. I spoke to Enes Tat, who’s eased my concerns. He supported me by being the middle man between the creditors and myself. He promised and delivered in a matter of a few weeks by clearing all my defaults and coming to an agreement to repay those debts. I highly recommend TAT Solutions for all your credit concerns. They’re professional and delivered Super Service! They definitely deserve 5 stars and recognition for the amazing work they do.
Farah Halabi
Farah Halabi
Enas was great to work with. Kept us in the loop for the whole process and got the job done quickly with no fuss. Thankyou
Folau Fifita
Folau Fifita
Enes is your go to man, you gotta problem he will sort it, definitely helped me majorly! Came to him with my problem I had goin for a house and he showed out with the solution also just a straight forward process. Thanks Enes! I appreciate your time and effort
Early childhood Educators Resources Page
Early childhood Educators Resources Page
Enes is an absolute legend. Within just 2 days he fixed my credit file. I would not be able to achieve my dream of buying a house without his hard work Shelley
Erinn Marr
Erinn Marr
Enes and the team at TAT Solutions very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was explain very clearly and the issue was resolved i a short time frame.
Kawsar Jemal Harun
Kawsar Jemal Harun
Thank you so much Enes! Finding out my husbands credit issues was stressful and Enes made fixing it a breeze. He removed the default and explained everything so clearly. He was so warm and welcoming. Couldn’t ask for better service. We are now confident with our future loan application.
Mariah Lloyd
Mariah Lloyd
Enes was prompt, professional & helped with my concerns very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone looking to negotiate or improve their debt situation
Garry Brar
Garry Brar
He is very professional and talented. Very easy to deal with and very soft spoken. My credit history was really bad and i thought no one could fix it and he really did a great job. I have a really good score now he he's made it possible for me to get the loans. Thanks brother great job.
Natalie Turoczi
Natalie Turoczi
Would highly recommended Enes at TAT solutions as he was able to remove a default and fix my credit score simply and stress free. Extremely reassuring and realistic with my 101 questions and always responding to me promptly and so I wasn’t sitting there stressing. Will definitely use his services for future. If anyone needs Enes’ help look no further you’re in good hands! Thanks Enes, appreciate your hard work :)

What We Can Do For You

We’ve been in the industry for over 5 years. Our team of Credit Repair Specialists will be able to assist you with any queries or concerns you have regarding your credit report. Whether you are after; credit score improvement, fixing your credit score, fixing bad credit, debt negotiation, or just a credit file assessment- we are your one stop solution.

Debt Solution
Debt Solution

Don’t lose hope, there are many great ways to get out of debt and start saving!

Debt Negotiation

We help by negotiating with your creditors to reach an agreement that fits into your budget.

default removal
Default Removal

We can dispute any incorrect or unfair default listings on your credit report, ultimately removing them from your credit report.

Declined Credit
Declined Credit

If you have been declined credit due to a listing on your credit report, we can help. We can develop a plan to help put your credit score back in the green.

Finance Assistance
Finance Assistance

We’re here to help you and your financial situation. We can provide you with recommendations on how to budget and keep your finances on track.

Debt Restoration
Credit Restoration

We’ll work to identify the key issues holding back your credit score. Fixing your credit, once and for all.


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What's Makes Us Better

TAT Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Let’s get your credit score on track

We understand the impact a single default on your credit file can have, whether it be aspirations to purchase your first home, or even to purchase a new car. Our team provide a professional and tailored service according to your needs.

  • success-rate
    91% Success rate
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    5 Years industry experience
  • Nationwide services
    Nationwide services
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    Tailored strategies for each client
  • Reliability, honesty and efficiency
    Reliability, honesty and efficiency

What TAT Solutions can do for you?

Credit Score Improvement

When you have a bad credit rating, you’re automatically more likely to receive higher interest rates, or worse- be refused for credit completely. It’s not just creditors that look into your credit files, more and more landlords have also started to.

We can help you improve your credit rating, and dispute any information you deem unfair or incorrect. TAT Solutions can help you monitor your credit and ensure you’re in the best position to increase your credit score and achieve your financial goals.

Put a stop on Debt Collectors calls

If you’re being hounded with phone calls by debt collectors, contact TAT Solutions to put a stop to it. Allowing us to engage with your creditors on your behalf might give you the time you need to organise a suitable arrangement. We will help every step of the way to assist you with staying on top of your obligations.

Reduce your debt by up to 60%

TAT Solutions has been a life saver when it comes to resolving large debts owed. We’ve been able to negotiate with creditors to reduce debt owed by up to 60% without decreasing credit scores or hurting individuals finances.

Negotiate for a single regular affordable payment

Are you struggling to make your debt repayments? We can help by negotiating an affordable repayment plan with your creditors.

Achieve Financial Freedom

We’ve been able to work with all types of creditors across Australia. In doing so, we’ve been able to develop tools and strategies in order to identify ways to open the doors to financial freedom. The best time to begin your journey to financial freedom is today.

Creditors we deal with!

Everything you need to confidently fix Your Credit

After years of servicing our clients at TAT Solutions, we have developed the skills and knowledge required to know how your credit report can be improved and maintained. We are authorised and licensed by ASIC to be your preferred Debt Management Service provider, and help you achieve financial freedom.

Request a call back or claim your free credit report here

Frequently Asked

We can engage with all your creditors and ensure you no longer receive their phone calls while you’re with us. We can help re-negotiate your payment plans, weather that be informal/ formal arrangements; we will help you find the best option that suits your budget.

It will not cost you anything, plus you will be provided with all three credit reports from Equifax, Illion and Experian. You can request a free credit report from us by filling out the forms on our site or by clicking here.

Click here for a credit assessment here

In short, yes you can. TAT Solutions can arrange new payment plans, re-negotiate payment plans and help you obtain a payment arrangement you are comfortable with. When a payment plan fits into your budget it will help you maintain a good credit score by staying ontop of your payments.

If you’re currently struggling with your current payment arrangements, contact our friendly team to find out how we can help.

If you fail to pay an account on time, it will eventually become a default listing. If and when that happens, the listing will stay on your file for 5 years and severely impact your credit score.

Even if you pay off your debt, the default listing will only be updated to ‘paid’. Default listings can only be removed if the default was placed incorrectly. Our team has developed an eye for errors made by creditors over the years, therefore we may be able to remove those incorrect listings from your credit report once and for all.

How long does a default stay on my credit file?

When a debt remains unnpaid for days or more it can be listed against your credit file for 5 years.

Generally, paying off a default (or settling it) won’t remove the default, but your file should then be updated to reflect the fact that you have paid it.
If your credit score is below average and you have a default against you that you feel was unfairly or incorrectly placed, we may be able to assist with having the default removed from your report should we find an error.

When a debt remains unnpaid for 60 days or more it can be listed against your credit file for 5 years.

Generally, paying off a default (or settling it) won’t remove the default, but your file should then be updated to reflect the fact that you have paid it.

If your credit score is below average and you have a default against you that you feel was unfairly or incorrectly placed, we may be able to assist with having the default removed from your report should we find an error.

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