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TAT Solutions is a credit repair company with the sole goal of achieving financial freedom for our clients, by helping remove the burden of a bad credit history out of the equation.

TAT Solutions is committed to supporting Australians who have been defaulted unfairly, incorrectly, or due to previous hardships in their lives. Our goal is to educate Australians on how to avoid default listings and how to maintain a good credit report.

Our team of credit specialists will provide you with the best solution to improve your credit rating. We have years of experience in dealing with banks, debt collectors, utility companies, and telecommunication companies, enabling us to provide you with the best solutions possible- regardless of who your debts are with.

We aim to help our customers achieve financial freedom by removing any negative listings on their credit reports. This way, you will be able to confidently apply for credit.

Let us take the stress off your shoulders, so you can get on with living the life you and your family deserve.


Why choose us?

91% Success Rate
5 Years industry experience
Nationwide services
Nationwide services
Tailored strategies for each client
Reliability, honesty and efficiency
Reliability, honesty and efficiency


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How do we compare with competition?

TAT Solution is one of the leading providers of credit repair in the country. We focus on educating our customers so that they can take control of their financial lives. Our goal is to help you get your credit score back on track.

There are a lot of credit repair companies online, and it can be difficult to decide which credit repair company to choose. We believe we offer the most transparent, honest, and reliable credit repair services. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the National Credit Code and Privacy Act, this enables us to easily identify whether information has been listed incorrectly on your credit file. We’re committed to investigating default listings thoroughly to determine if the default has been placed incorrectly.

We provide all our customers with complimentary, no obligation consultation over the phone and in person. The initial consultation will enable us to identify the problems within your credit report which is stopping you from either obtaining finance, or applying for something as simple as a phone contract.

Our team are customer service and results driven, and ensure we act reliably, honestly, and fairly throughout the entire process.

How can our team help you?

Remove Defaults

A default can be reported on your credit file if you are overdue by more than 60 days on a debt.

This can happen with any type of repayment; they usually occur due to missed utility bills and late credit card payments. Defaults can have a negative effect on your credit score, so it is important to make all your payments on time. If you ever feel like you cannot make a payment by the due date, contact your creditor.

By calling TAT Solutions, you are taking the first steps to get a grip on your credit file. We will work with you over time to remove the default listings and other incorrect information from you credit report. Our team of credit specialists will ask you specific questions to determine whether you have grounds to dispute your credit listings. 

Remove Credit Enquiries

Every credit application you make will be listed on your credit report for 5 years. That is why it is important to only make applications for credit when necessary, and from the right lenders. Applying for payday loans, or Buy Now Pay Later services may impact your credit report severely.

We sometimes see customers have multiple applications for a single enquiry they made with a lender, however due to having multiple enquiries for the same application it reduces their score. We are generally able to have the enquiry listings investigated and removed if it was done incorrectly.

Remove Court Judgements

A judgement is a decision made by a court to signify you owe a creditor money. The court expects you to pay your debt within the specified time or face further legal action. Even once paid, the judgement will remain on your file for years.

TAT Solutions can often negotiate with creditors on your behalf and obtain consent required to have the court judgments set aside, removing the listing from your credit report for good.

Remove Black Marks

It can be difficult to assess what is responsible for a black mark on your credit file. It could be something as innocent as a payday lender enquiry, or missing repayments. You never know how these will effect you until you apply for a loan.

When it comes to repairing credit, nobody does it better than TAT Solution. We've helped remove hundreds of black marks from credit reports and are currently helping thousands more people with their credit needs. If you need help making a change for the better, we can make it happen!

Identity Theft & Mixed Identity

You may be surprised to find that you have a negative credit rating and it isn't your fault. Sometimes negative listings can be attributed to identity theft or human error, so always be sure to take advantage of our free credit checks.

We understand it can be hard to deal with multiple creditors and credit reporting bodies for something that wasn’t your fault. If you have recently become a victim of identity theft, contact us today to see how we can assist.


Debt Negotiation

Sometimes you need to negotiate with creditors. This can reduce your financial responsibilities without damaging your credit score. At TAT Solutions we employ skilled negotiators that can reduce your debts by a significant margin and work directly with your lenders for a stress-free experience.

Our debt negotiation solution has helped hundreds of people reach a manageable, simple and straightforward settlement. This will allow you to concentrate on future plans. We've been in your shoes and know the financial hardship that a crippling debt can bring. We want to help you take control of your finances by negotiating with lenders for reduced or settled payments.

We're Here to Help

Real Reviews

We’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of so many people’s successes. Read the reviews from just a few of them.

I came to TAT Solutions in distress due to wanting to consolidate my debts and defaults so that I could be pre approved for a home loan. I thought this was the end of my dream of owning my first home in Australia coupled with the rising housing market which added more stress. I spoke to Enes Tat, who’s eased my concerns. He supported me by being the middle man between the creditors and myself. He promised and delivered in a matter of a few weeks by clearing all my defaults and coming to an agreement to repay those debts. I highly recommend TAT Solutions for all your credit concerns. They’re professional and delivered Super Service! They definitely deserve 5 stars and recognition for the amazing work they do.
Farah Halabi
Farah Halabi
Enas was great to work with. Kept us in the loop for the whole process and got the job done quickly with no fuss. Thankyou
Folau Fifita
Folau Fifita
Enes is your go to man, you gotta problem he will sort it, definitely helped me majorly! Came to him with my problem I had goin for a house and he showed out with the solution also just a straight forward process. Thanks Enes! I appreciate your time and effort
Early childhood Educators Resources Page
Early childhood Educators Resources Page
Enes is an absolute legend. Within just 2 days he fixed my credit file. I would not be able to achieve my dream of buying a house without his hard work Shelley
Erinn Marr
Erinn Marr
Enes and the team at TAT Solutions very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything was explain very clearly and the issue was resolved i a short time frame.
Kawsar Jemal Harun
Kawsar Jemal Harun
Thank you so much Enes! Finding out my husbands credit issues was stressful and Enes made fixing it a breeze. He removed the default and explained everything so clearly. He was so warm and welcoming. Couldn’t ask for better service. We are now confident with our future loan application.
Mariah Lloyd
Mariah Lloyd
Enes was prompt, professional & helped with my concerns very quickly. I would recommend him to anyone looking to negotiate or improve their debt situation
Garry Brar
Garry Brar
He is very professional and talented. Very easy to deal with and very soft spoken. My credit history was really bad and i thought no one could fix it and he really did a great job. I have a really good score now he he's made it possible for me to get the loans. Thanks brother great job.
Natalie Turoczi
Natalie Turoczi
Would highly recommended Enes at TAT solutions as he was able to remove a default and fix my credit score simply and stress free. Extremely reassuring and realistic with my 101 questions and always responding to me promptly and so I wasn’t sitting there stressing. Will definitely use his services for future. If anyone needs Enes’ help look no further you’re in good hands! Thanks Enes, appreciate your hard work :)

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