Authority For TAT Solutions To Act.

I hereby give TAT Solutions the authority to act on my behalf in all or any of the following matters:


• Apply, obtain and review a copy of my credit report from any credit reporting agency.
• Adjust or correct the credit information contained within my credit file with any credit reporting agency.
• Directly correspond with any credit provider, plaintiff or acting person on behalf of such individual or organisation for which credit has been provided.
• Correspond with any person or organisation that has provided credit to me or a third party for which I have provided a guarantee or indemnity to vary the terms on which credit was granted for me to satisfy any default or to otherwise satisfy my obligations.
• Obtain legal advice on my behalf.


I authorise TAT Solutions, its agents, employees and consultants to enter into negotiations on my behalf withregards to my credit information with a view to facilitating the removal of an inaccurate, false, misleading,unfair or contestable credit listing. I confirm that the information that I have provided to TAT Solutions is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and recollection, and I accept the terms of the refund policy.


I authorise TAT Solutions and consultants to correspond directly pursuant to this appointment with any credit reporting agency or credit provider, legal adviser, government agency or industry Ombudsman with regard to my affairs and financial position and to reveal in the course of those discussions any and all information that I have provided to TAT Solutions.


I authorise any credit reporting agency, credit provider or government agency approached by TAT Solutions with regard to this appointment to fully disclose to TAT Solutions and its officers, employees, agents, Lawyers, consultants appointed by TAT Solutions any and all information and documents with regards to my affairs, financial position and my dealings with the credit reporting agency, credit provider or government agency.


I acknowledge TAT Solutions is not liable for communicating its client’s instruction. I indemnify and keep indemnified TAT Solutions for its actions with regard to this appointment. I authorise TAT Solutions to act as my agent to implement my rights to access all of my credit information in possession or control of any credit provider or credit reporting agency.


This authority applies in relation to an application, or proposed application, by me for credit or my having sought advice in relation to credit. This authority will remain in force until the matter(s) of the subject appointment are resolved or until I terminate this authority by notice in writing to TAT Solutions.
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